bangdesign studio

Bang’s founders Bryan Marshall and David Granger are Industrial Design Graduates (1983) whose parallel vision saw them join forces in 1989. At all times Bang seeks diversity in its design projects to cultivate new ideas and a broader appreciation.

For us design is a verb not a noun.

It is a problem solving process where everything is questioned in order to unearth better answers.

Significantly ‘bangdesign’ pursues an all-embracing approach, not just design in isolation but pushing the boundaries of the entire project and how it is represented.

Within ‘bangdesign’s’ process is our focus on ensuring that the solutions are fresh, fulfill a real need and are a significant improvement on what already exists. Our method then looks beyond the design process to the marketing of a product and its point of difference. This offers continuity that communicates the ‘story’ behind the design, providing the object with context and personality.

Ultimately the quality and relevance of bang’s work must speak for itself.

about bangdesigners

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